I've been a professional DJ since 1992, with several years of private parties in college prior to that. I've worked with every kind of equipment possible, from cassette tapes back in the late 70's, vinyl and cds and now Serato Scratch Live. I've worked in every kind of club, bar, lounge and restaurant imaginable. I've worked in FM radio, satellite radio and internet radio for the last eleven years.

I periodically work a night or two in a club somewhere in Orlando but spend most of my time on radio production. I produce the syndicated radio show Frequency (focused on house music from Europe), the syndicated radio show Essential Mix (FM format with talk breaks for host) and the Saturday Night Kiss Mix exclusively for Kiss 98.5 in Buffalo NY. I also produce Club PC for The PC Radio Network. Feedback is always welcomed and you'll always get a response back when you contact me.